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DuPont’s broad range polymer modifiers for nylon modification, including ionomers, ethylene copolymers and grafted polymers, can help customize the impact strength

Nylon 6/6 Nylon 6/6 GF-30 (30% glass-fiber reinforced) All

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Mar 31, 2007 · We are experiencing problems with inconsistent toughness of molded nylon 66 parts. We are seeing significant numbers of broken parts being returned by our custo

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Nylon definition, any of a class of thermoplastic polyamides capable of extrusion when molten into fibers, sheets, etc., of extreme toughness, strength, and

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Polyamide 66, Notes: Medium-Impact; General Purpose; Impact modified to provide excellent toughness Processing Method: Injection Molding Forms: Pellets

Conforms to ASTM D4066; MIL-M-20693B, Vydyne® M344 resins are ignition resistant Nylon 66 resins with UL 94V-0 and UL 94-5VA flammability rating. Available in off

The MPK10-A2 is an extreme heavy-duty knife good for the survivalist or outdoorsman as well as all military and law enforcement missions All MPKs include the famous

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WHY MISSION USES TITANIUM. Corrosion Resistance – Mission’s titanium is corrosion proof in all naturally occurring environments. The MPK12-Ti knife was soaked in

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Zytel is a trademark owned by DuPont and used for a number of different high strength, abrasion and impact resistant thermoplastic polyamide formulations of the

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ColorFast plastic polycarbonate is processed with no minimum order. Available in PC/ABS – Nylon, ABS, Acrylic, TPE, ABS and nylon. Processed in our US facility and

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